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Covert Recruits

Best techniques to recruit your friends.

Wanna see if you have what it takes to escape – but need to
recruit some friends to come along for the ride?
Covert Escape Games has got you covered.  


Here are some of the best techniques to recruit a winning team…


  1. It’s all about the people you play with. Find some friends that are a good mix of smart people with different kinds of smarts. More often than not, a group consisting of a:• talented artist
    • writer
    • programmer
    • sales personwill be more successful than a group of folks who all do the same thing…regardless of how brilliant they are. You’re also going to need people who can work well together.
  2. Don’t overdress, girlfriend. You might find yourself crawling on the floor, thru a tunnel – you never know at Covert Escape Games! (And we’re not talking!)  Tell that high heeled girlfriend to dress comfortably, and wear those comfy shoes. But do it politely, okay?
  3. Grab your ‘jump in feet first’ friends.  You know the ones!  When you enter the game, you immediately start playing, searching, opening stuff, moving things. Lots of interesting stuff and tons to do with those fun friends!
  4.  Don’t be shy. Quiet people have just as much to offer as the loud ones… But you’re going to need to speak up; it doesn’t matter if you have the right answer if it isn’t applied. Right, shy guy?
  5. Shut up and listen. Being loud doesn’t make you correct. Let everyone else speak.
  6. Celebrate with your people. Remember our motto: Infiltrate…Escape… Celebrate! However the game plays out, go out as a team, have a drink, and share your experiences with your friends. Covert Escape Games is best when shared with people you care about. Enjoy them.

Large group? No problem, for more information or to reserve a room for groups of 8 or more, visit our website or email Covert Escape Games is located at 480 Warfield Boulevard Clarksville, TN 37043.